A Real Daughter is a person whose father participated in the American Revolution either by being a soldier or by supporting the cause and she was a member of the DAR. Our New Connecticut Chapter has five Real Daughters.
Ann Potter Gavin
Birth: January 7, 1820, Ohio County, VA (now WV)
Daughter of Joseph Potter Jr. of NJ
Wife of John Garvin
Death: November 10, 1904, Delaware County, OH
Burial: Blue Church Cemetery, Sunbury, Delaware County, OH

Abigail Potter Heaslett
Birth: February 5, 1822, Ohio County, VA (now WV)
Daughter of Joseph Potter Jr. of NJ
Wife of Harvey Heaslett
Death: February 19, 1904, Delaware County, OH
Burial: Stark Cemetery, Delaware County, OH

Nancy Doty Pearl
Birth: February 9, 1808, Mount Vernon, Knox County, OH
Daughter of Peter Doty of NJ
Wife of William Pearl
Death: October 22, 1902, OH
Burial: Bloomfield Cemetery, Bloomfield, Morrow County, OH

Harriet Patee Place
Birth: October 4, 1810, Owasco, Cayuga County, NY
Daughter of Edmund Pattee of MA
Wife of of Sullivan Place
Death: November 17, 1904, Caledonia, Marion County, OH
Burial: New Caledonia Cemetery, Caledonia, Marion County, OH

Susan Murphy Truby
Birth: June 28, 1810, Armstrong County, PA
Daughter of Samuel Murhpy of VA
Wife of William Truby
Death: February 7, 1908, Painesville Lake County, OH
Burial: Freeport Cemetery, Freeport, Armstrong County, PA
A gold spoon (pictured above) that was given to our Real Daughters.